North American Renderers Association


Welcome to the North American Renderers Association

Since 1933, the North American Renderers Association has represented the interests of the rendering industry and helped our membership grow into sustainable recycling leaders. Renderers recycle 56 billion pounds of animal leftovers each year, keeping our landfills from overflowing while creating valuable and high-quality ingredients for new product. In fact, rendering reclaims 99% of leftover animal by-products – making it the greenest and safest option for handling these materials.

With a $10 billion annual economic impact and full-time nationwide workforce, renderers are stable and responsible community neighbors. We are proud of the thousands of skilled careers our industry provides, and proud of the sustainable products every employee works to produce.

Rendering Infographics A fast and easy way to learn about our industry

Renderers are the Original Recyclers

Rendering is a green industry that protects the environment and promotes agricultural sustainability by recycling otherwise lost carbon and energy. The process recycles carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials into new ingredients for useable products and, with its low carbon footprint, is the environmentally sound and valuable disposal alternative.

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