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Welcome to the National Renderers Association.

Thank you for visiting the official website of the National Renderers Association (NRA). Since 1933, we’ve been helping the rendering industry grow, advance, and become leaders in recycling and sustainability. We invite you to learn more about the vital and essential role that rendering plays in our environment and in our economy. The rendering industry consists of more than three-dozen firms operating more than 200 plants across the US and Canada.

The US livestock sector slaughters more than 150 million head of cattle, calves, hogs, and sheep and more than 55 billion pounds of poultry annually. In addition to protein for human consumption, the meat production system produces an enormous amount of byproducts that are in turn transformed into nearly 20 billion pounds of highly valuable feed and industrial products in the form of various types of fats and proteins. Rendering is a green industry that protects the environment by recycling carbon and energy and allowing items such as byproducts to be utilized as valuable pet or livestock feed ingredients or biodiesel rather than entering a landfill. Rendering is the most efficient and environmentally sound disposal alternative and has a low carbon footprint.

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