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Industry Representation

NRA addresses current industry issues, promotes domestic and international marketing, supports research and provides education and information for the rendering industry. When deemed necessary by the Board, we call on members to contribute voluntarily to new priority activities in these areas, such as special training or projects on emerging issues.

Government and Regulatory Affairs

NRA’s government and regulatory affairs activities promote and safeguard the interests of the rendering industry. NRA staff and member volunteers maintain excellent ongoing relations with numerous federal and state governmental agencies. We emphasize a spirit of cooperation and scientific support for the agencies so that they will better understand the rendering industry and its products. For governmental research and policy consideration, NRA may suggest new protocols in food safety, for example, and illustrate these with members’ voluntary efforts in such areas as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), process control, and verification testing.

International Program

NRA’s international program develops markets for rendered products all over the world. The Association conducts technical seminars and feed trials, participates in trade shows, brings study groups to the United States, and delivers other general trade services to U.S. suppliers and foreign buyers. Our associaion also improves market access by working to eliminate artificial trade barriers, and we monitor new and existing export opportunities and emerging trade patterns.

NRA has participated in the Foreign Market Development Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service since the program’s inception in the mid-1950s. The Association has taken part in the Market Access Program and its predecessor programs since 1993.