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NRA Membership

NRA’s 51 members companies operate more than 205 rendering plants in the United States and Canada. The Association’s has 16 international members and more than 120 associate members.

Our members account for over 90% of North American production by independent renderers and integrated packer/renderers (those that process their own by-products).

NRA members create a variety of products that are critical to other industries, and they are developing new products, such as fuels and enzymes, to match changing demands worldwide. Rendered products include fats, animal protein meal, chemicals, fatty acids, tallow, grease and hides. Their high-quality fats and proteins improve the nutrition of farm animals and poultry. Renderers also contribute essential ingredients for industrial products, such as lubricants, plastics, printing inks and explosives, and the many items that consumers count on — including cosmetics, shaving cream, deodorant, perfumes, polishes, cleaners, paints, candles and caulking compounds.


Active Member status in the Association is open to any individual, firm, partnership, or corporation having a place of business within the United States or the Dominion of Canada, that engages in processing oil and/or animal or poultry by-product raw material into valuable finished rendered products; such as tallow, lard, grease, meat and bone meal, poultry meal, feather meal, blood meal, and many other products.

Associate Membership is open to any allied business or service firm or corporation that engages in activities of interest to Active Members. Associate Members are brokers of fats and proteins, equipment manufacturers, and firms serving the rendering industry.

The Association is divided geographically into three regions in North America: Eastern, Central or Western. Active and Associate members join through the regional area in which their plant or firm is located.

All Active and Associate members are listed each year in the Member Directory published in Render magazine and a copy is posted on this website.

Dues are set by the NRA Board of Directors, based on rendering capacity with minimum and maximum levels. Acceptance into membership is decided by the NRA Board of Directors.

If your company is interested in joining, please contact NRA at 500 Montgomery Street, Suite 310, Alexandria, VA 22314 or email us today.

Why Become a Member?

The NRA is the international trade association for the rendering industry. It is proactive in addressing the needs of its members with the best interests of the industry in mind. We represent our members to regulatory and other government agencies on issues that impact them.

NRA is actively engaged representing renderers in regulatory and legislative issues. NRA member, staff and government affairs counsel meet regularly with key government officials, Members of Congress and their staff to advocate industry positions and policies.

The NRA has taken a leadership role in key areas such as biosecurity and food safety, trade policy, international market development, environment and community relations.

The NRA was instrumental in the creation of the World Renderers Organization. The WRO members have joined together to work on issues of mutual concern affecting the rendering industry. Member organizations are from Australia, Canada, United States, several countries in the European Community and Latin America.