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World Renderers Organization

The World Renderers Organization (WRO) is the principal organization representing the interests of the rendering industry on a global level, serving as a vehicle for exchanging points of view and on rendering issues and where appropriate, to express positions to governments and world organizations. The WRO enhances the contribution of the global rendering industry in improving the environment and in meeting the growing global needs for feed, food, biofuel, and industrial raw materials in a sustainable manner.

The organization has recently launched a new website. The purpose of the WRO website is to:

  • Promote, on behalf of its members, the interests and the image of the global rendering industry.
  • Provide information on the positive contribution of the rendering industry on the environment and the sustainability of its finished products.
  • Facilitate the international movement of animal fats and protein meals.
  • Compile and disseminate appropriate scientific research to its members, governments, and world organizations.

Chairman Alan von Tunzelman states “Education, research and advocacy are important features of the WRO and the new website will be at tool to enhance those features. This is a very important step in the growth of the WRO.”

The new website is located at