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APPI Profile

APPI Mission Statement

The Animal Protein Producers Industry (APPI) is the biosecurity arm of the National Renderers Association, dedicated to the administration and maintenance of innovative programs to improve the quality of animal proteins and feed fats through a testing regimen, continuing education and training, and collaborative research.

APPI Accomplishes Its Goals By:

  • Assisting member companies in improving the microbiological quality of production by providing a weekly testing program of the proteins and blends of the commodities produced;
  • Initiating, developing and disseminating educational material and sponsoring symposia on plant sanitation and hygiene;
  • Developing methods to improve the microbiological quality and demonstrating the wholesomeness/nutritive value of inedible animal proteins;
  • Working with private sector researchers to develop methodologies to control Salmonella e.g. the use of organic acids; and encouraging laboratories to examine/assess new testing procedures to develop a “quick” test;
  • Funding and collaborating on research projects related to disease issues of interest to the industry;
  • Maintaining active communication with Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture, Federal and State Veterinarians, and allied trade associations to underscore the organization’s mission and credibility.
  • Serving as a liaison with the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Canada, and the United States Animal Health Association (USAHA);
  • Serving on government/industry task forces to provide the organization’s perspective on regulations, laws, and policies that impact the industry.