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Rendering Industry's Biosecurity Contribution

Rendering is society’s best available control technology for addressing the disposal of animal by-products and mortalities. An examination of traits, such as process controls, infrastructure, volume reduction, and timely processing, inherent to the industry, plus regulatory requirements, such as traceability and environmental regulations, validate this statement and make rendering the preferred method for the collection, transportation and processing of animal by-products and mortalities. To learn more about the rendering industry’s biosecurity contribution to public and animal health, be sure to download the accompanying analysis in the right sidebar.

Rendering protects human and animal health. It protects surface and groundwater from pathogens and is used by federal agencies to eradicate diseases in animals. The high temperatures used during rendering kill all conventional disease-causing organisms such as bacteria and viruses that can contaminate food or water, resulting in sanitized finished products. Please read “The Rendering Industry’s Biosecurity Contribution to Public and Animal Health” in the sidebar on the right for more information.