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IPE Seminar 2012 Presentations

The following presentations were delivered at the 2012 IPE International Rendering Symposium: Focus on Quality. You may download PDF copies of the presentations by clicking on the presentation names below.

Thursday, January 26, 2012 (Day One)

Overview of North American Rendering Industry, NRA and WRO (Tom Cook, NRA)
Global Rendering Markets (Kent Swisher, NRA)
Rendering Code of Practice for Safety and Quality—Certification Standards (Dr. David Meeker, NRA)
Quality Assurance in Manufacturing Rendered Products—Supplier Perspective (Tom Dobbs, Griffin Industries)
Controlling Salmonella in Feed (Dr. Frank Jones, Emeritus Professor, U. of AR)
Regulation of the U.S. Feed Industry (Richard Sellers, AFIA)

Friday, January 27, 2012 (Day Two)

Research in the Rendering Industry (Dr. Gary Pearl, Past FPRF President)
Predicting Feed Value of Rendered Products (Dr. Jeffre Firman, U. of MO)
The Role of Rendered Products in Aquaculture Feeds (Dr. Albert Tacon, International Nutrition Consultant)
Rendered Products for Feeding Swine (Dr. Brian Kerr, USDA/ARS)
Rendered Products for Pet Food (Jarrod Kersey, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, The Nutro Company)

The U.S. rendering industry collects and safely processes more than 50 billion pounds of animal byproducts each year. Rendering is the process of converting these materials into fats and proteins used in animal feed. The rendering industry provides services for the safe collection of these materials, transports the materials in biosecure, leak-proof trucks and uses heat (240 to 290º F) to dehydrate and separate the fat and solid materials. This seminar session focused on the quality and safety of rendered products. Building on a background of the industry and its markets, globally recognized speakers described process control methods, microbiological controls, current research, and useful details on using rendered products in high quality diets for various species.