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Essential Rendering

Essential Rendering was produced jointly by the National Renderers Association, the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF), and the Animal Protein Producers Industry (APPI) under the direction of the NRA Communications Committee.

Since the 1950s, the rendering industry has undergone remarkable and profound changes in technological applications and business structure. Essential Rendering documents details of rendering’s important roles, the history of the industry, how rendering is accomplished, as well as the many nutritional and other uses of rendered products.

The book documents the technologies, manufacturing procedures, capabilities, research, and infrastructure that have made the industry so important to U.S. and Canadian agriculture. Essential Rendering is intended for professionals in rendering and affiliated businesses and industries as well as teachers, students, and government officials who are interested in the North American rendering industry. The professional hardback book contains over 300 pages of thorough information from highly regarded sources and industry experts. It includes historic pictures and is indexed.

Essential Rendering is now available in PDF format on this website in the following languages:

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish (coming soon!)

Book Overview by Chapter

An Overview of the Rendering Industry

David L. Meeker, NRA, and C. Ross Hamilton, Darling International, Inc.

A History of North American Rendering

Fred D. Bisplinghoff

Rendering Operations
Doug Anderson, Smithfield Foods

The Rendering Industry’s Role in Feed and Food Safety

Don A. Franco, Center for Bio-security, Food Safety and Public Health

The Rendering Industry’s Biosecurity Contribution to Public and Animal Health

Richard E. Breitmeyer, CA State Veterinarian; C. Ross Hamilton, Darling International, Inc.; and David Kirstein, Darling International Inc.

Edible Rendering—Rendered Products for Human Use

Herbert W. Ockerman and Lopa Basu, Ohio State University

Rendered Products in Ruminant Nutrition

Thomas C. Jenkins, Clemson University

Rendered Products in Poultry Nutrition

Jeffre D. Firman, University of Missouri

Rendered Products in Swine Nutrition

Gary L. Cromwell, University of Kentucky

Rendered Products in Pet Food

Greg Aldrich, Pet Food and Ingredient Technology, Inc.

Rendered Products in Fish Aquaculture Feeds

Dominique Bureau, University of Guelph

Rendered Products in Shrimp Aquaculture Feeds

Yu Yu, NRA

The Global Market for Rendered Products
Kent Swisher, NRA

Industrial and Energy Uses of Animal By-Products, Past and Future
Stewart McGlashan, Meat and Livestock Australia, Ltd.

Environmental Issues in the Rendering Industry
Gregory L. Sindt, Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Research in the Rendering Industry

Gary G. Pearl, FPRF (retired)

Future Research for the Rendering Industry
Sergio F. Nates, FPRF

What Would a World Without Rendering Look Like?
Stephen Woodgate, European Fat Processors and Renderers Association

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