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NRA Releases Industry Video—Rendering: The Sustainable Solution

7/23/2013 | Alexandria, VA

The National Renderers Association has released a new educational video entitled Rendering: The Sustainable Solution to inform the public about an industry that impacts people every day but that most don’t even realize exists. Rendering is one of the very first types of true recycling. It began as a means to produce soap and candles and has evolved as the population has required different uses. Renderers take animal products that the American public chooses not to consume and convert them into valuable ingredients that are used in pet food, livestock feed, fertilizer, biodiesel, and a number of other items that are used every day. Without rendering, these items would end up in a landfill, wasting valuable space and producing dangerous levels of greenhouse gases as they decompose. Rendering also inactivates bacteria and viruses that can cause both food safety and human health issues, making the United States a safer place.

This new video is currently available on Youtube and on NRA’s website. Infographics explaining the process of rendering, the environmental value of rendering, and how rendering impacts the restaurant industry will be available soon, along with informational pamphlets, and will be available upon request.

Rendering is a very simple process that essentially cooks by-products from slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, fryer grease from restaurants, waste from supermarkets like day-old rotisserie chickens and expired meat, and recalled products, separates the fat from the protein, and dries out the protein. The US livestock sector slaughters for food more than 150 million head of cattle, calves, hogs, and sheep and more than 55 billion pounds of poultry annually. Over 50% of the total weight of these animals is considered “inedible” by Americans and rendering gives these products a new purpose. Restaurants dispose of roughly 4.7 billion pounds of used cooking grease a year that is processed into both a nutritious feed ingredient and an excellent oil source for biodiesel production. In all, renderers collect about 56 billion pounds of raw materials and turn those into some 19 billion pounds of valuable, usable products. The new informational video makes this information more understandable to consumers.

Removing this recyclable product from the waste stream has about the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions as removing over 12.25 billion cars from the road! Also, improperly disposing of restaurant grease, such as it being dumped down a drain, costs taxpayers an extra $25 billion a year due damaged pipes and related issues, not including the human health factors.

Jessica Meisinger, Director of Scientific Communication and Education for NRA said, “Rendering is a vital industry that no longer should be seen as ‘invisible’. Renderers are absolutely vital from both a sustainability and a public health standpoint. Rendering recycles carbon and energy into valuable ingredients for pet food, livestock feed, biodiesel, and other products, and stops them from being wasted in a landfill. Our video ‘Rendering: The Sustainable Solution’ addresses that point perfectly”

About The National Renderers Association

The National Renderers Association (NRA), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, was formed in 1933 as the professional organization of the rendering industry.

At NRA, we represent our members’ interests to regulatory and other governmental agencies, promote the greater use of animal by-products, and foster the opening and expansion of trade between foreign buyers and North American exporters. In addition to our US-based headquarters, we also maintain offices in Mexico and Hong Kong and have market consultants in Brussels, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Chile. NRA also publishes a bi-monthly trade magazine, Render.

NRA Mission Statement

An alliance that speaks with a collective voice that represents the best interests of its members in public, government and regulatory affairs, and provides services, programs and technical support to the North American rendering industry: both in the national and international markets.

If you have any questions, speaking opportunities, or would just like to learn more about this interesting industry, please contact Jessica Meisinger, Ph.D. at or at (703) 683-2914.

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